Choosing the Right Composite Decking Colors for Your Home

Composite Decking

Outdoor living spaces are the perfect place for entertaining, gathering with friends, grilling out, or working remotely. They add aesthetic appeal and functional space that add great value to your home.


Are you considering adding or replacing the deck at your home? Perhaps you’ve wrangled with all of the work required of maintaining a traditional wooden deck and are hesitant to task yourself with the work involved again?

Over the last thirty years, the newcomer on the the scene, composite decking, has come into its own as an appealing and attractive alternative to traditional wood. At Forsman’s Finest, we’ve seen a steady increase in popularity for a number of reasons. We’ll share with you why, and how to choose the right finish for your own brand-new composite decking.

If it’s not wood, what is composite decking?

Most composite decking does contain a substantial quantity of lumber byproducts, in the form of wood chips or sawdust. These are carefully blended with plastics or other materials to create a durable and low-maintenance alternative to traditional all-wood decking.


Composite decking comes in two basic types: hollow and solid. Solid, as you may have guessed, is the heavier and more durable option. Because of its substantial wood content, it will contract in cooler weather and expand with the heat. Hollow decking is lighter in weight and a bit more susceptible to damage, but it will not be as responsive to weather changes.


Another option is PVC-based decking, which contains no wood at all. It doesn’t stain or absorb water, yet it retains the look and texture of real wood. It’s also a lighter weight option.

What are the benefits of composite over traditional wood?

There are plenty of reasons we’ve installed hundreds of composite decks in the Omaha area, and ease of maintenance, durability, and beauty of the product top the list. Once your deck is installed, you’ll simply need to sweep off debris. Twice a year, you’ll want to hose it off and scrub it thoroughly with soap and water. Thankfully, unlike with all-wood decking, you won’t have to bother with sanding, painting, and waterproofing year after year.


Composite decking technology is ever-evolving, and each generation of product continues to improve in fade-resistance, realistic appearance, durability, and endurance of the elements. You can count on a twenty-five year lifespan for your deck at a minimum, and with excellent care, your deck may last as long as fifty years. By contrast, traditional wooden decks often last only ten years.

Composite Decking

What are my color options?

Choosing the best color for your new composite deck is a decision you’ll want to make carefully. Decking comes in a wide variety of colors to mimic the many shades of wood, from cherry to walnut and a variety of shades in between.  Since it is colored during the manufacturing process, selecting your color will be an up-front decision- and a permanent one. 

How do I choose the best color for my home?

Choosing the best color for your composite deck is ultimately a matter of personal taste and preference. It’s an extension of your home, so you need to be pleased with the result. Here are some considerations to help you decide.


1. Step outside and look around.

You’ll have the most satisfying visual result if you seek color inspiration from the deck’s surroundings. First, look at the exterior of your home. What colors are present in your brick, siding, and stonework? Choosing a color that brings out a subtle shade in your home’s finish is aesthetically pleasing. 

The house itself is not the only consideration. Take a look at the flora around you. What colors are present in your trees and landscaping? Is there a color that is especially complementary to your natural surroundings? You’ll likely be spending much of your time on your new deck looking outward, so let the colors you find there inspire your deck color.


2. Choose whether you prefer blending in or standing out. 

Selecting a color that matches your house makes for seamless unity and cohesion. However, your deck is a substantial investment. Don’t be afraid to choose an interesting color that contrasts with your home and really let it stand out.


3. Ask for product samples of the colors you are considering. 

Online pictures of products can be deceiving, and decking in showroom displays may look completely different from what you’d see in the morning sunshine in your back yard. For this reason, you need to see samples of the colors you are considering against the edge of your home where the new deck will go. Place the samples against the exterior of your home and leave them there while you contemplate your options.


4. Evaluate your samples in different light scenarios.

Unless the site of your new deck is in the shade at all times, the lighting at various times of day can substantially change the appearance of your deck. As you contemplate colors, be sure to evaluate them in the morning, midday, and late afternoon and make sure you’re pleased with the color in all lighting scenarios.


5. Understand that the fresh-from-the-factory color fades.

Almost all decking will fade a little from its initial factory finish, so keep this in mind as you are making your decision. If it looks just a shade more intense than you’d want, it will likely be the perfect color after installation. You may want to err on the side of choosing a color that’s a little brighter or bolder than you’d initially consider.


6. Consider the impact on resale. 

If you may relocate in the near future, your deck will add substantial resale value as it attracts potential buyers. As is true with interior paint, choosing a deck color in one of the popular neutral tones will have the broadest appeal. You can’t go wrong with a crowd-pleaser.

Got more questions?

If you need more information to help you choose the right composite decking, or if you’d like a quote on installing on the perfect outdoor living space to upgrade your home, Forsman’s Finest would love to help you. Schedule your appointment on our website or give us a call today.