Professionalism, Respect, and Communication

Forsman’s Finest, owned and operated by husband and wife Travis and Shelley Forsman, was built on the core values of professionalism, respect, and communication. We always strive to respect you, your property, your neighbor’s property, and your daily routine. We take the time to be courteous and respectful of your time, your pets, and how we affect those around us. 

To achieve these goals, no one on our team smokes on your property, we always bring a portable restroom, and we all park on the same side of the street. In addition, we spread ‘excuse our mess’ cards around the property, we all dress in logo shirts, and we keep our job sites as clean as possible.

Your Comfort And Peace Of Mind Is Our Priority

Having any work done in your home is not an easy task and the team at Forsman’s Finest understands that. You’re letting a stranger on your property, trusting them with your home and around your children and possessions. It’s understandable how most homeowners have their guard up when hiring a contractor.

Unfortunately, this is often a result of bad past experiences. We are here to flip the story and change how you feel about Omaha area contractors. Our number one goal is to make sure we provide an experience that makes you feel taken care of, heard, and understood, all while giving you a beautiful deck that’s going to last for decades.

Turning Wood Into Long-Lasting Creations

Travis has worked with wood since he was 14 and has been in the professional industry for more than 20 years. In 2018, he founded Forsman’s Finest with his wife, Shelley. They love how this job gives them the freedom to take control over their destiny while making a positive change in their customers’ lives.

On-site, Travis is focused on building his customers the best deck possible while Shelley keeps customers updated on every step of the process and makes sure they are comfortable and worry-free the whole time.

The Forsman’s use methods of construction that focus on longevity. Their methods aim to correct the failures of their customers’ previous decks such as those in the way railings and stairways were initially constructed. They strengthen the stairs with more stringers and risers and include a mid-span beam and footings to connect the staircase to the ground to prevent movement and premature failure. They also ensure that water is managed properly so it does not get trapped and cause future warping, mold, or other issues. 

To the Forsmans, it’s not just a business. It’s a way of life. The way they do things, their work ethic, and their dedication has turned many of their customers into friends.

Owners of Forsman's Finest Decks. Travis and Shelley Forsman

The Forsman’s Finest Team

Our Portfolio

Our favorite part of our job is seeing how happy our clients are with their final space. We love seeing the genuine smiles on their faces and how excited they are to finally use their backyard. Browse our portfolio below.

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