Wood - A Material That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Wood is timeless. There’s something about it that just feels right, no matter where you use it. The flow of wood fibers and the way they blend with the environment makes wood a natural and beautiful choice for decks and any type of outdoor structure.

While a wooden deck will require some maintenance, that pales in comparison to the beauty you’ll get to look at every day. In terms of styles, you can stain your wood deck to match your home and its surroundings naturally and adding extra features will increase its practicality.

We believe there’s no material more beautiful than wood and we’re here to turn it into a spectacular deck that brings you joy and fills you with pride.

There are many beautiful and practical deck features you can choose to make your deck as functional as possible. They include:

How To Make The Most Of Your Wooden Deck

The thought of rotten decks, moldy stairs, and deteriorating wood structures makes most homeowners think twice before going with a wooden deck.

But not all wood is equal. The type of lumber you choose for your deck and the way it’s built makes the difference between a wood deck that lasts for five years and one that lasts for 30.

We primarily use cedar wood when building decks. It’s the go-to choice for professional deck building as it is very durable and naturally resistant to rot, moisture, and decay. Whether you need a new deck installed or just a few repairs on an older deck, you can count on us to keep your deck looking great.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend waiting around eight weeks before applying any stain product to your new wood deck. The true test of how well the wood will soak up the stain is to put a few drops of water on the surface, and if the water beads, the wood is not ready. However, if the water soaks right in, the deck is ready to accept the new stain. We recommend consulting a professional painter or stain company for best results and suggest yearly application of some type of sealer.

You can put a rug on the deck, but you will risk discoloration of the wood underneath. There is also the possibility of trapping moisture under the rig which will cause mold and rot on the boards.

We recommend power washing the deck and using typical cleaners like brooms and brushes. If you have a stain, you can potentially sand the wood down to remove it.

There are ways to put a fire pit on a wood deck, but if the fire escapes the pit and rests on the decking, it will cause the decking to ignite. Grilling on a wood deck is ok, but you run the risk of spills that will cause stains and the potential of fire if you are not careful.

This depends on how well you maintain the deck. A typical lifespan of a wood deck is 20 years. Poorly maintained decks with high sun exposure can become unsafe in as few as 10 years. Your best bet to extend the life of the deck is to keep it clean, check the connections, and protect it from the sun. If you get lots of snow, you should remove it from the deck as it can trap moisture. Trapped moisture on any deck will cause rot and a premature failure of the deck.

How It Works

Building a wood deck involves vision, imagination, and professional execution. The team at Forsman’s Finest has developed a process that is easy, stress-free for the homeowner, and proven to create a beautiful deck with a minimum of hassle. With open communication and use of best practices, we create a deck you can enjoy for years to come.

Step 1. Get In Touch With Us

Get in touch with us. We’ll schedule an initial call and on-site visit to see how we can help your project come to life. We’ll also go over the design.

Step 2. We Bring Your Vision To Life

After the designs are approved, we handle permits and all the logistics and start building your low-maintenance deck. We keep you informed and in charge along the way.

Step 3. Enjoy Your Natural Wood Deck

Welcome the freedom of spending time outside whenever you want, together with your friends and family, on your beautiful wood deck.

Wood Deck Construction Prices

The size and shape of a deck are the biggest drivers of the total cost. The major benefit of choosing a wood deck (besides its natural beauty and charm) is the ability to build a custom project without huge costs. As wood is more affordable than composite, you can easily get creative with benches, storage spaces, and other extras.

A wooden deck that’s regularly stained and maintained can last for decades. As a bonus, you can get up to 72% of your investment back should you choose to sell your home. Here is what you can expect to pay for your wood deck project:

Small Wood Deck*


Up to 10’ by 12’ small wood deck with full flight of stairs

Standard Wood Deck*


14’ x 16’ square feet wood deck, including stairs, custom railing, grill area, and privacy wall.

Large Wood Deck*


400+ square feet cedar wood deck, two levels and stairs, custom layout, custom railing, partial roof, grill/breakfast area, lighting, and more.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on square footage, design, material, and any additional structures on the deck. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique wood deck after the in-house consultation.

Wood Deck Portfolio

Our favorite part of our job is seeing how happy our clients are with their final space. We love seeing the genuine smiles on their faces and how excited they are to finally use their backyard. Browse our wood deck portfolio below.

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