Benefits of Building a Deck in the Fall 

Building a Deck

Where has the time gone? How is it autumn already? The incredulous questions pop up in almost every conversation. Time, it seems, is determined to elude us, and feels as if it is  constantly accelerating in our busy lives. 

We’ve got great news, though! When it comes to building a deck for your home, you haven’t missed your opportunity. You’re not even late. Right now is the best time of year to extend your outdoor entertaining space with a new deck. Here are some great benefits of building now.

1. Building a Deck Now Means Beating the Rush

Summertime is the most popular month for home construction projects. With the kids out of school, vacation time available, and the desire to be outdoors, it’s easy to understand why. However, building a deck in the summer means competition.  Competition for materials and competition for contractors. Costs are typically higher as well.


Let’s not forget permitting either. To add on to your home, you’ll need a construction permit, and those take time. By starting that process now, you’ll find the city’s backlog is much less than in other seasons, and if your permit is held up by factors beyond your control, you still have ample time to get that deck built before spring.


In the fall, you are unlikely to face supply chain issues. Stores are stocked and materials are readily available, and that translates into savings for you both in terms of time and money.

2. Contractors Want to Fill the Lull

At Forsman’s Finest, we’ve maintained that same frenetic pace all summer, just like the rest of you. We’ve been taking care of customers and installing countless home-enhancing decks. As people have begun to shift gears away from their outdoor spaces, our schedule resumes a more reasonable pace, enabling us to give you and your home more of the time and attention you deserve, starting- and finishing- your deck project in less time.

Building a Deck

3. It’s Kinder to the Landscaping

Imagine the stress you’d feel if it were springtime and you’d just treated your lawn, planted new flowers, and worked daily to make those flower beds beautiful, only to learn that they would all be demolished by the deck-building project!


 In the fall, our focus is not on cultivating and maintaining the flora in your yard, and the impact of our construction work on it will be minimal. Many of your lawn’s plants are slowing down their growth and preparing for winter. Seasonal flowers have finished their blooms, and the grass is going dormant. Plants are heartier and less impacted by soil disturbance. 


Come spring gardening season, your deck will have long since been finished, and your lawn will be ready for the care and attention that provides the profusion of colors that welcome warmer months.

4. Inquire about Special Offers

To encourage buyers to beat the rush on their outdoor construction projects, you may find builders are offering great incentives. These may include warranties, discount prices, added features, and more. Be sure to ask about the details and terms of any promotions and take advantage of the savings. Your business is highly sought after, especially in the off-season, so negotiate for the best possible terms.

5. It’s Less Stress for You

During the summer, your family wants to be free to go to the pool, take a trip to the beach, and enjoy time away. You don’t want to be stuck at home whiling away those summer days as you wait for the deck to be completed. The fall, by contrast, is a time of returning to routines and staying closer to home, so therefore, it’s a much less invasive time to work on your deck. 

Let’s also keep in mind what comes at the end of fall…the holiday season and all of its feasting, hosting, and celebrating. Can you imagine a Thanksgiving feast or twinkling Christmas lights as you welcome friends and family to your brand-new space? That should provide a great incentive to start that project now.

6. The Weather is Favorable

In wetter seasons, such as spring and summer, rainy days mean building delays. The fall is much dryer, so your construction crew can show up and get to work each day. We all know one of the best parts about a home improvement project is reaching its conclusion and getting to enjoy the new addition.

Temperatures must also be taken into consideration. If you wait until the winter, a few nights of hard freezes can render the ground too hard to install posts. Most deck stains cannot be used below a certain temperature, and fall thermostats typically read just right.

Your Custom Deck Experts

At Forsman’s Finest, we take great pride in crafting custom, one-of-a-kind decks to make your home a hub of hospitality. There’s no better time than the fall to enhance your home this way, so why don’t you give us a call today? Our team strives for 100% customer satisfaction, and we take great pride in giving you the home you deserve.