Timber Tech vs. Deckorators

There are several things to consider when investing in a quality outdoor deck. Appearance, durability, price, and warranty are among the most important features to consider when choosing the right manufacturer for your deck or patio.

TimberTech and Deckorators are two notable decking manufacturers. Both companies produce high-quality products, but each has pros and cons. Here is some basic information to help you decide which composite decking manufacturer is right for you.

A Brief History of TimberTech

TimberTech was launched in 1997. And like all composite decking manufacturers, they started with an uncapped board. However, TimberTech has made several product advancements since its inception. Now, they only sell capped composite decking with enhanced beauty and protection. In addition, TimberTech has grown to be a leader in the composite decking industry.

A Brief History of Deckorators

Deckorators started shortly after TimberTech, launching in 1998. Deckorators didn’t initially start making decking materials, but they manufactured low-maintenance aluminum railing for decks. In 2005, UFPI (Universal Forest Products Industry) acquired Deckorators and began its own line of composite decking materials. In addition, the company introduced a new line of composite decking in 2016, changing composite decking forever. The new materials used Eovations™ technology, replacing organic fiber like wood with mineral-based composite decking.

Decking Differences

TimberTech Azek and Decorators make the comparison a little tricky due to the composition of different materials. For example, TimberTech Azek consists of PVC boards, while Deckorators is made from mineral-based composite materials. However, both companies manufacture wood-based composites as well.


TimberTech is rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners thanks to its stylish, trendy, and detailed material options. A notable advantage of TimberTech is the various product lines they carry. It’s fair to say that TimberTech has a deck board to bring your vision to life.

TimberTech has a handle on the market color and style trends, giving you modern and contemporary options. In addition, TimberTech offers both PVC and composite deck board options to fit your needs. Their PVC line features innovative multi-width boards so you can mix and match narrow and wide boards for a one-of-a-kind deck pattern.

With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder TimberTech is a favorite for contractors and homeowners alike. Their extremely reliable, high-quality products offer endless customization options. In addition to your deck, TimberTech offers railing, lighting, and hidden fasteners to make your dream deck come to life, all in one place.

TimberTech Composite Decking

Good: TimberTech Pro Terrain

Better: TimberTech Pro Reserve

Best: TimberTech Pro Legacy

TimberTech PVC Decking

Good: TimberTech AZEK Harvest

Better: TimberTech AZEK Landmark

Best: TimberTech AZEK Vintage

TimberTech Highlights

  • Detailed, on-trend materials
  • A favorite among contractors and homeowners
  • Wide range of products
  • Multi-width board options
  • Premium PVC options


Deckorators offers incredible, high-quality deck boards. The brand is known for its rapidly evolving mineral-based composite decking technology. Mineral-based composite is a twist on traditional wood-plastic composite boards. Combining synthetic plastics and durable minerals, these futuristic deck boards feature the industry’s best strength-to-weight ratio.

In addition, mineral-based boards are incredibly stable at any temperature, limiting expansion and contractions as the temperatures change. This keeps their boards from warping, changing shape, or slowly loosening fasteners over time.

Deckorators boards have exceptional multi-tonal boards that offer organic color mixes. If you are looking for composite decking materials that look and feel premium, Deckorators is the manufacturer for you.

Deckorators Mineral-based composite decking

Better: Deckorators Vault

Best: Deckorators Voyage

Deckorators Highlights

  • Premium, luxurious deck looks
  • Mineral-based composite technology
  • On-trend color mixes
  • Multi-tonal looks


TimberTech Decking Lines
Lineal Price
Decking Profile
Legacy Collection
$5.80 - 6.35
Reserve Collection
$4.30 - 4.75
Terrain Collection
$3.35 - 4.05
Premier Collection
$3.10 - 3.25
Prime+ Collection
$2.40 - 2.65
Deckorators Decking Lines
Lineal Price
Decking Profile
Tropics / Distress


Deckorators warranty is a straightforward 25-year fade and stain warranty, including structural. After the first 6 years, the replacement value drops by 20% every 3 years, with only 10% value for the last 3.

TimberTech Edge series warranty is the shortest, with only a 25-year stain and fading. After the first ten, TimberTech Edge drops replacement value by 20% every three years.

TimberTech Pro offers an additional 5 years for a total of 30 years of protection. TimberTech Pro series with the more extended warranty period drops 10% every 2 years until the final four with a 10% replacement value. Making the last few years less valuable but still warranted, nonetheless.

Which is better for you?

If you are looking for a low-maintenance, durable, and stylish composite decking manufacturer, you can’t go wrong with either brand! It’s a tough decision, but the professionals at Forsman’s Finest are here to help. We would love to sit down with you and discuss these products in more detail and provide you with samples to help you make the best decision for your project. Contact us today to discuss your decking project or to get an estimate.