Timber Tech Pro Line Review

At Forsman’s Finest, we use the Timber Tech Pro line on nearly all of our composite decking projects. After working with this product for years, we have grown to enjoy the beautiful finish of the decks and how easy they are to install. Also, with so many color variations to choose from, it is easy to find something that fits the homeowners’ tastes.

What is Timber Tech Pro?

The Timber Tech Pro line is a 4-sided capped composite deck board that is broken down into three tiers: Legacy, Reserve, and Terrain. These three tiers are scratch resistant and include a 30-year fade and stain warranty. These boards are 1” thick, and the fascia and riser materials are 9/16” thick, making them very dense and durable to help prevent waviness. These heavy boards are filled with wood and plastic composite to give homeowners the low-maintenance performance they crave. In addition, Timber Tech Pro offers grooved deck boards for hidden clip fasteners. Manufacturers have learned that the 4-sided cap on the TImber Tech Pro line prevents homeowners’ two most common complaints: mold and color fading. Timber Tech has done well at troubleshooting these issues and has created beautiful deck boards that install easily.

The Legacy Line

The top-of-the-tier Timber Tech Pro composite decking line is Legacy. The Legacy tier holds the widest variety of colors with cascading effects, making it look more life-like. The six colors in this line include whitewash cedar, mocha, ashwood, espresso, pecan, and tigerwood, which can be placed together to create unique color combinations. For example, a popular choice in composite deck design is to have the border and fascia boards be darker while the main decking consists of a lighter color. In addition, this line has several options for hidden fasteners, like the cortex plugs that create a nearly invisible fastened deck board.

The Reserve Line

The Reserve line is the middle tier, making it more affordable than the Legacy options. The Reserve line has three color options: driftwood, dark roast, and antique leather. While you will still get great coloring with these unique color names, you will not have the cascading effect like you would with the Legacy line. In addition, the top of the cap features a texture that many homeowners find attractive. Overall, the Reserve line is an excellent option for homeowners wanting a beautiful composite deck.

The Terrain Line

This entry-level tier has a slightly different texture than the Reserve line and features scalloped deck boards. Scalloped decking is a manufacturing process where removing the material on the bottom of the board is used to save on material costs. Unfortunately, the capping on this line is less scratch-resistant than the Reserve and Legacy lines and doesn’t allow for the hidden plug cortex fastening system. While there are only two color options available on their website (silver maple and brown oak), our local supplier has two additional options available (rustic elm and stone ash). The colors provided by our local supplier are options being phased out by Timber Tech, which occasionally happens as styles and trends change.

Timber Tech Installation

All the Timber Tech tiers in the Pro line are easy to install. The Forsman’s Finest professionals recommend less than 16” joist spacing on the center to avoid waviness. The composite boards will warp to the joists, unlike wood which remains stiff and can span over the joists if they’re not precisely in the plane. Timber tech boards have a thin cap that can get scratched during installation and heavy use. The boards are rounded on the edges of the length but not on the short side. This makes it challenging to keep the boards from being higher when the deck boards are perpendicular to one another. The end grains are exposed composite and must be painted to match.  The composite expands and contracts with the temperature, making mitering joints hard to preserve for the deck’s lifetime. 

Timber Tech decking is a great product– we used it on our own deck at our home!  It is easy to clean and very low maintenance.  Paired with an excellent railing choice, you can have a deck that will be beautiful for over 30 years!