Travis Forsman

Travis Forsman is the founding partner of Forsman’s Finest Decks which he started with his wife Shelley in 2018. Travis has worked in carpentry since the age of 14 when he started siding houses and building decks. This led to work framing and building additions, then to a job with a remodeling company that he stayed at for 15 years.

With his years of experience and well-honed skills, Travis was ready to strike out on his own and open his business. At Forsman’s Finest, he and his team focus on decks and roof additions over patios and decks. The satisfaction of being outside and seeing their clients enjoy a shaded area of their own drives him to do his best on every project.

When he’s not working, Travis enjoys watching sports or traveling to new places with his wife Shelley.

Shelley Forsman

Co-founder of Forsman’s Finest and Travis’s wife, Shelley Forsman graduated from Ball State University in Muncie, IN in 2000 with a degree in Business. After graduation, her jobs included office manager in Washington, D.C. and client relations and recruiting once she moved to Omaha. She found her true calling when she and her husband opened their own business and were able to focus on making clients happy and growing their company. Shelley especially enjoys marketing and networking as well as learning from other business owners and professionals.

When she’s not focused on work, she loves to spend her time being a mom and cheering her kids on no matter what they are doing in life. She also enjoys organizing and decorating their home and playing with the family’s two Havapoo dogs Noodles and Peaches.

Kyle Pauley

Kyle Pauley graduated from Ralston High School in 2018 and attended Missouri Valley College and Metropolitan Community College, receiving a degree in Applied Science, Construction, Building Science, and Construction Management. While attending Metro, Kyle worked for Forsman’s Finest Decks, giving him the opportunity to gain knowledge in the classroom while applying it in the field. His favorite projects at Forsman’s are deck lighting and flashing. Kyle enjoys his coworkers and the rewarding experience of being a part of the company’s overall growth.

When he’s not working, you can find Kyle on the disc golf course, in the gym lifting, or at the range shooting guns. He also enjoys restoring antique furniture and just relaxing with family and friends.

Connor Becker

Connor Becker attended Metropolitan Community College where he earned his associate’s degree in Construction Management and is currently working on his Bachelor’s degree from Wayne State College. He has been involved in the construction industry since he was 17 years old, working for home builders, commercial companies, and now Forsman’s Finest Decks. His favorite project at work is skirting for stairs and cutting in roofs. He enjoys his job because there are a variety of projects that keep every day interesting.

In his free time, Connor enjoys shooting as well as getting on a boat and going fishing.

Ethan Adams

Ethan Adams began working for Forsman’s Finest Decks in 2018 as an apprentice. He gained experience in carpentry and was able to do on the job training to help him achieve his goal of becoming a carpenter. He loves working at the company and refers to it as his dream job, especially when he’s able to see how a client’s ideas and projects slowly become reality right before his eyes. Turning dreams into reality on a daily basis is just one of the reasons why he enjoys working at Forsman’s Finest.

When he’s not on a job site, Ethan is at home with his beautiful three-year-old boy Alexander and enjoying time with his extended family cooking a homemade meal, playing pool, or just enjoying each other’s company. He also enjoys playing video games or going to the shooting range with his dad or friends.

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