Can you build a deck in the winter?

Many people ask if we can build a deck during the winter. Others assume that we hibernate. This is a great question and a not so far off assumption. This is a great question and a not so far off assumption. Some builders do take off the winter and others prefer to grin and bear it in the blustery days ahead. We at Forsman’s Finest Decks are among the latter and will layer up and face the crisp air of December, January, and February.

Deck building is a year-round activity. The deck may take a little more planning and a few more hours to complete. Braving the cold winds and frigid precipitation takes a certain strength but it is often easier to dress for the cold. There are plenty of days during winter when it feels great to be outside. Just like any other season, the weather can cause delays and be frustrating. These obstacles can be overcome, and you can still get a great deck and have it ready for the family to make memories during warmer weather.

But what about the footings? It’s true that concrete is not happy when it’s mixed on cold days. But it is not impossible to get it to cure. You can apply heat to the concrete and find creative ways to allow for curing. There are other options for footings that do not require concrete. Techno Metal posts can be driven into the ground through the frost layer. This lets us build on a sturdy foundation without waiting for inspections or concrete to cure.

There are many benefits to building in the winter too, including less damage to the grass and vegetation that is dormant. The beaten pathway from the front of the house to the tools, materials, and trash bin is less affected in the cold weather months. Many people decide to put off exterior projects during this time which means some deck builders can get to you right away. This can give you your pick of builders. Some builders can offer a discount or materials can be on sale during the offseason. Companies with less to do will likely give your project even more attention.

There are some downsides to building in the winter. Holiday gatherings can be inconvenient without a deck. Letting the dog out requires a leash while the backyard is under construction. Heavy snowfall could delay the project. There is less daylight to get the work done. None of these will prevent you from getting a deck built, but they could be a reason to choose spring instead.

You can get your exterior project done and potentially beat the Spring rush. Sometimes being proactive is a good thing. Many people prefer the coziness and warmth of inside anyway so getting the deck replaced during winter sets you up for making great memories during the coming spring.