Best in Class, TimberTech Composite Decking

Composite decking offers a low-maintenance decking solution, which has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Because of the wide variety of colors and styles available, composite decking will eventually surpass wood as the decking material of choice. These five composite decking brands are the best in class. Each brand has its advantages and features to compliment your home. This guide will help you choose the best composite decking material for your next exterior addition.

TimberTech, Best in Class

TimberTech is a popular composite decking brand that started manufacturing in 1997. Timber Tech offers nature-inspired beauty without the staining, fading, or cracking of traditional wood. With three unique material lines, they have options to fit your style.

TimberTech EDGE

TimberTech EDGE offers an affordable yet attractive line of composite decking materials. The high-value options offered by this line offer a low-maintenance composite decking solution for your home. In addition, the EDGE line offers a 25-year limited fade and stain warranty.

TimberTech PRO

The TimberTech PRO line still offers a variety of high-value, low-maintenance decking materials like the EDGE line. However, TimberTech PRO has surpassed the leading competitors’ top-tier options with its strong and reliable decking materials. This line is perfect for your everyday outdoor space and offers a 30-year limited fade and stain warranty.

TimberTech AZEK

Timber Teck AZEK offers unrivaled design and unmatched performance. This sophisticated line provides the aesthetic appeal of real wood, with all the benefits of the EDGE and PRO lines. This line is perfect for your decks, pool surrounding decks, waterfront retreats, and rooftop escapes with its ability to stay cooler on hot days. In addition, the AZEK line comes with a 50-year limited fade and stain warranty.

With a total of 27 colors featuring composite and PVC options, the premium materials of TimberTech offer other various features. With hidden fasteners that you can’t see, TimberTech offers a clean and smooth decking surface to enjoy for years. TimberTech also offers uncapped and capped composite decking options. Uncapped composite decking has no cap layer to protect the core. On the other hand, capped composite decking has more valuable physical advantages than uncapped decking, like more fire resistance and slip-resistant capabilities.

Clearly, TimberTech offers a variety of options with its realistic wood appearance, unique material lines, great warranty coverage, durability, and beautiful colors. It’s no wonder TimberTech is the best in class.


While Fiberon is not new to the game, it has been growing rapidly in popularity. Not only is Fiberon focused on offering low-maintenance composite decking solutions, but they also focus on environmental sustainability. In addition, Fiberon also offers different tiers of composite decking materials:


There are two collections within the Concordia line: Horizon and Symmetry. Both collections are ideal for second-story decks. They offer premium composite decking materials, an exclusive PermaTech cap layer, and a compromise of 94% recycled materials. In addition, they feature stain and fade-free materials and reversible boards, having finished top and button surfaces. This decking line also offers a lifetime performance warranty and a 50-year stain and fade warranty. The only difference between the two collections is the color options and the board sizes.


The Sanctuary line features a PermaTech cap layer on three sides, a composite core, and a flat-profile bottom, providing a sturdy feel. In addition, the Sanctuary line resists fading, staining, splintering, rotting, cracking, pests, and decay. This line is also made of 95% recycled content. The Sanctuary line offers a 40-year performance warranty and a 40-year stain and fade warranty.


Like the Concordia line, the GoodLife line offers two collections: Escapes and Weekenders. Both collections offer an authentic wood aesthetic with distinct grain patterns, a low-maintenance composite solution, and a three-sided cap layer. They are also resistant to splintering, cracking, and decaying. The Escapes collection features styles to best fit beach houses, bungalows, and Tuscan villas. The Escapes collection also offers a 30-year performance warranty and a 30-year stain and fade warranty. The Weekender collection is a great fit for cabins and cottages, offering a 25-year performance warranty and a 25-year stain and fade warranty. Both collections are also protected against deck damage with a 10-year commercial limited warranty


Trex is among one of the most popular choices for composite decking manufacturers. Trex sells 20 different deck boards. Trex is an affordable composite decking solution. While they offer “good, better, and best” options like many other manufacturers, all of their products are equal in performance, durability, and warranty. While the Transcend line is their most expensive and highest-rated option, it is still middle-range in cost when compared to other brands. When it comes to Trex, their 25-year warranty remains the same across all options. Making the comparison more straightforward than brands that have different tiers of warranties and coverage.

Moisture Sheild

If you have a unique composite decking project, Moisture Sheild may be right for you. Moisture Sheild offers the only wood composite boards that can be installed in the ground, on the ground and underwater. Every deck board from this manufacturer is equipped with Solid Core, an impermeable barrier that fights against damage from moisture, rot, insects, and other harmful elements. Moisture Sheild offers a variety of composite decking products that meet several needs and budgets, backed by their unmatchable performance. All their decking options come with a transferable 50-year structural warranty and fade and stain warranties ranging from 30 to 50 years.


Our last composite decking manufacturer, Decorators, is another top-rated manufacturer that has grown in popularity. Their low-maintenance decking offers unique finishes and features that are perfect for your lifestyle. Deckorators offer two lines of decking that offer unique benefits for your exterior project. Their mineral-based composite offers the industry’s best strength-to-weight ratio and virtually no thermal expansion or contraction. In addition, their wood-plastic composite decking gives the look of exotic hardwoods without the maintenance of traditional wood decking.


Research is so valuable when it comes to a home renovation project. The process of choosing the right composite decking manufacturer often starts with appearance. After all, enjoying your deck is hard if you don’t love how it looks. In addition, performance is key to evaluating what material is best for your home. Furthermore, it is important to compare warranties. Although composite decking is expensive, knowing that it will last a lifetime makes it worth the time and money.

Building your dream deck is more than just laying down the boards. It involves vision, imagination, and spot-on execution. That is exactly why you should work with Forsman’s Finest. Our process keeps you front and center at all times to reduce stress and facilitate communication. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your project come to life.